Bees in Buildings

If you have bees in your roof they are most likely to be the Tree Bumblebee,

and look like this.

Bombus hypnorum – the Tree Bumble Bee.

So before you call a beekeeper read this PDF document on their life cycle.
Bombus hypnorum

Here are 3 PDF documents showing honeybee removal from buildings in pictures so if you have the same problem you will understand what is involved.

Warren Farm Honeycomb exposed before removal. 

Click on: Warren Farm Colony above Bay Window for details in pictures.

Extracting final honeycomb deep within the church tower! 

Click on: St Marys Church Hadlow + Bees under floor extraction.

for details in pictures.

Reaching deep into the chimney to reach the last bit of honeycomb.

Click on: Quarry Cottages Chimney Bee Removal for details in pictures.

Bees in Chimneys

There are some beekeepers who may be prepared to remove bees from your property depending on the difficulty. They are:

TN15 0ES 07 970 484 232 Sarah Rapley
TN15 0SB 07 740 640 686 Andrew McFadyen
DA 3 8NZ 01 732 703 746 Roy Taylor
TN15 0ER 07 871 098 989 Bret McCulloch
TN 1 2DB 07 941 375 589 Peter Hutton…/11-Quarry-Cottages-Chimney-Bee-Removal.pdf