Branch Apiaries.

If you are contemplating buying equipment we suggest you try a taster session first at one of our apiaries, to see if you are comfortable handling bees, before making any outlay . We have a number of bee suites and sizes and we would suggest you come dressed in a long sleeved top, trousers [not shorts] and wellingtons. Choose a date that suits you from the list of our forthcoming events listed on our Meetings page.

Barrwood 2006 Meeting – click to open this 9 minute You Tube video.


Barrwood Apiary: Any queries concerning location and if the weather might affect the meeting date check the website or contact the Chairman Cliff. Hayward

Keeping Track of the Queens at Barrwood Apiary.

With a good number of beekeepers attending the July meeting, we split into two groups. Gary Muskett has become our queen marking champion, yet again finding and marking a queen. I think this was his fourth queen this season. Extra supers were added to the stronger hives, whereas with others, just the full centre combs were moved to the outside to encourage the bees to fill all the frames.
In one colony however, despite the calm nature of the bees, there was no unsealed larvae or eggs. A frame containing eggs was removed from another colony and placed in the suspected queenless colony. Inspection a week later proved this to be the case, and the emergency cells produced were reduced to one. It is late in the season, which means the new queen might not mate successfully so our backup would be to unite the colony with the adjacent hive to get it through the winter.
We will have just one meeting in August, when we will assess which supers are suitable for extraction then add Porter escapes to clear them of bees.

Cliff Hayward, Branch Chairman.

Hilbert Road Apiary: Any queries concerning location and if the weather might affect the meeting date check the website or contact Vic Webb


Bee Handling for Beginners at Hilbert Rd Apiary. 

At the last meeting at the beginning of July we had four people attend the Apiary, two very experienced beekeepers and two new
bee keepers. I placed one new beekeeper with an experienced one. They then went through two hives each. Both new beekeepers learnt
from this exercise, in one case building confidence in handling bees during an inspection. They discovered one hive with two queen cells and another hive with no queen, no queen cells, young larvae or eggs. They took the appropriate action by placing a frame of eggs in to the hive from a queen right hive. We had three hives with a good supply of stores and placed supers where needed.

Hilbert RoadApiary currently has five hives. Barry Chaseley

Barry Chaseley took on the responsibility of managing the Hilbert Road Apiary this year with some assistance, however he is on the
point of moving to Sussex so we thank him for his efforts. What is particularly noticeable is the tidiness of the main building and the state of the colonies. We express our thanks to Barry and wish him well in his new home.
Vic Webb, a longstanding member, has taken on this task and will be joining our committee at the forthcoming AGM.

Peter Hutton, Branch President.