Honey Show

Next years Honey Show in 2019 will be held St. John’s Church Hall
20 Foxbush, Hildenborough, Tonbridge TN11 9HT.
There is ample parking at the rear, see this detail:-
Location of St. John’s Church Hall.

    The reason for the change is because we need to book well in advance and St Barts Memorial Hall is being refurbished in 2019, and as the work is yet to start, there was some doubt whether it would be complete by September.

Honey Show Venue 2018

St Barts Memorial Hall, Otford, TN14 5PG.

Staging took place between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m.

Enough time must be allowed to complete staging by 10:30 a.m. as that is when judging will commence.
There are no entry fees. All Members of the Branch (including Partner Members) are welcome to enter any or all Classes (subject to Rule 8 in the Novice Class). You may enter on the day.

The public can gain entry after the judging has taken place at 1.00 pm.

Click on this pdf for the schedule and rules:

Honey Show Rules & Schedule 2018

How to prepare for a Honey Show

There were 89 entries this year and these are the detail of the results.

Honey Show Results 2018

Honey Show 2018 in pictures