Web Watch

A good number of bee related videos on the internet are rather like watching paint dry!!
To save you trawling through these, here is a selection of the better ones, mostly on You Tube.

32 Beekeeping [How To Videos] by UoG Honey Bee Research Centre

1st 21 days of a bees life – stunning images

Asian Hornet – Update 28.09.18

Artificial Swarm

BeeCraft Hangout Forum

Bee Friendly Plants

Dance of the Honey Bee

Demaree Animation

Fat Bee Man – Introduction to Beekeeping

Honey Bee Democracy

Honey Show Preparations

How to Make More Bees

Hygienic Bees? Ron Hoskins

Inspecting Sarah Rapley’s Hives by Nick Withers

Lazy Beekeeping

Life Cycle of Honey Bee & Varroa Mite

Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 1
Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 2
Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 3
Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 4

National Honey Show 2018 – Lectures

Observation Hive – Hive Beetle Coralled

Observation Hive Queen Laying

Pagden Method Animation

Pollen Chart – interactive

Queens I Have Known

Small Hive Beetle Investation

Swarm 7m High in Holly Tree

Tales from the Beehive

Top Bar Hive – High speed comb building

Varroa – all you’ll ever need to know!!

Waggle Dance Interpreted.

Wildlife Gardening Solutions