Web Watch

A good number of bee related videos on the internet are rather like watching paint dry!!
But here is a selection of the better ones, mostly on You Tube.

Artificial Swarm

BeeCraft Hangout Forum

Bee Friendly Plants

Dance of the Honey Bee

Demaree Animation

Fat Bee Man – series of short videos.

Honey Show Preparations

Hygienic Bees? Ron Hoskins

Inspecting Sarah Rapley’s Hives by Nick Withers

Lazy Beekeeping

Life Cycle of Honey Bee & Varroa Mite

Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 1
Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 2
Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 3
Martha Kearney – Beekeeping 4

National Honey Show 2018 – Lectures

Observation Hive – Hive Beetle Coralled

Observation Hive Queen Laying

Pagden Method Animation

Queens I Have Known

Small Hive Beetle Investation

Swarm 7m High in Holly Tree

Tales from the Beehive

Top Bar Hive – High speed comb building

UoG Honey Bee Research Series of Videos