Bees in Buildings

Bay Window Honeybees Extraction 2020If you have bees in your roof and look like this, they are most likely to be the Tree Bumblebee:

Bombus hypnorum – the Tree Bumble Bee.

So before you call a beekeeper read this PDF document on their life cycle.
Bombus hypnorum

Here are 4 PDF documents showing honeybee removal from buildings in pictures so if you have the same problem you will understand what is involved.

Use of a Bee-Vac to remove bees from a Crowborough Bay Window:

For full pictorial record click on: Bay Window Honeybees Extraction May 2020

Warren Farm Honeycomb exposed before removal. 

Click on: Warren Farm Colony above Bay Window for details in pictures.

Extracting final honeycomb deep within the church tower! 

Click on: St Marys Church Hadlow + Bees under floor extraction.

for details in pictures.

Reaching deep into the chimney to reach the last bit of honeycomb.

Click on: Quarry Cottages Chimney Bee Removal for details in pictures.

Bees in Chimneys

The latest colony recovery in 2019 by the ‘rapley/farrow’ team in pictures:

Bee Colony Recovered Behind a Shingle Wall in Ightham.

There are some beekeepers who may be prepared to remove bees from your property depending on the difficulty. They are:

TN15 0ES 07 970 484 232 Sarah Rapley
TN15 0SB 07 740 640 686 Andrew McFadyen
DA 3 8NZ 01 732 703 746 Roy Taylor
TN15 0ER 07 871 098 989 Bret McCulloch
TN 1 2DB 07 941 375 589 Peter Hutton